Arts & Music


Arts & Music


The Arts at Grace & Peace
Since the very beginning, our church has been a strong advocate for arts and artists. Our fellowship includes dancers, writers, artists, photographers, illustrators and dozens of musicians. We try to incorporate our love for artistic expression into our worship experience and also our everyday engagement with culture. We would love to have you use your artistic gifts to benefit our church community. Below you'll find a list of many different opportunities in the arts and music.

Choir meets regularly during from September through May and performs periodically throughout the year during the worship service. Practice is on Tuesday nights from 7:30pm to 8:50pm and is open to both men and women ages 16 and up. Please contact our Music Director, Grace Seymour,  for more information. 

Movie Series
Screening movies from all genres while enjoying the art of good filmmaking, as well as exploring their themes that connect to our creator God. Lively discussion follows each film screening. When the series is in session, evening screenings are held at 6:30 PM in the new Gallery, located next door to the church office.  If you have any questions, please contact Jim Tudor for more information about the new schedule at 

We will be offering theme-oriented groupings of films as well as individual one-off screenings.   Your ideas are always welcome!

Kingsbury Gallery
Grace and Peace has a long history of promoting and supporting the visual arts in its buildings, past and present.  The gallery has gone by different names; The Green Room Gallery from 1981-1985 (Kingsbury storefront building), the Blue Room Gallery since 1985 (original space at Delmar and Clara) and now Kingsbury Gallery in acknowledgement of our roots in the old store front.  Many artists have gathered at the church, from its early days in Ted and Gladys' home (artists reaching out to artists) to its beautiful new gallery space in the Delmar building. A schedule of exhibitions continues throughout the year; thematic group shows, occasional solo shows and traveling exhibitions. We also host book signings by local authors in the gallery. Opening receptions and "Art Talks" accompany each exhibition. Join us. Send an email to to be added to our email list.

Liturgical Banners/Art
Grace and Peace has a long and beautiful history of liturgical banners and art that is used during the worship service throughout the church calendar. 

Liturgical Dance
This loosely formed group of several women periodically enhances congregational worship with the addition of sacred dance—sometimes offered at the beginning of the service, or at other times, during the Offering.  Our hope is that our movement enhances the congregation’s worship experience and brings glory to Him.

Ideas for potential dances—solo or group—are generated most frequently by the Music Director, or sometimes the Dance Director, who usually choreographs the pieces.

The dancers do not meet on a regular basis, but only when preparing for an upcoming dance.  Our dance style is comprised mostly of a combination of ballet, modern and jazz moves that interpret the words and/or spirit of the worship song. The dancers’ current costuming consists of a white collared leotard and flowing white ankle-length skirt, along with sashes and/or accessories (sometimes), flesh-colored tights and pink ballet shoes.

Our dances have ranged from slow and prayerful to exuberant and joyful. Anyone interested in participating should contact Grace Seymour at