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Communion Preparers

Communion Preparers

Membership Required: Yes
Commitment: Be part of a rotating team of 4-5 preparers ministers

Communion Preparers do the weekly role of administering communion as well as the preparation and clean up. This is a valuable service to the fellowship.

This very necessary, but behind-the-scenes ministry involves only a short training session, followed by a once-a-month commitment. A rotating team of 4-5 preparers ministers to their brothers and sisters in the congregation by each preparing the Communion table on “his/her” Sunday every month.

This involves arriving early enough (at least by 9:45 AM) to:
--place necessary articles on the table;

--fill the flagon and small cups with grape juice and wine;
--provide a supply of gluten-free wafers;

and staying 20-25 minutes after the service to:
--clear the Communion table of all articles;
--wash and dry the flagon, trays and large cups; and
--put everything away and wipe off the table.

The group is flexible in that Sundays can be exchanged if there are schedule conflicts, etc. Should one wish to rotate off the schedule, it is up to that person to recruit and train a replacement. Also, the group leader is responsible for purchasing wine and grape juice as needed.




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