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Youth Update

by Sam Heaton on November 11, 2018

Hey Grace & Peace, I just wanted to give you a quick update as to what's been going on in that weird morn with the ping pong table upstairs. In Breakfast Club (the how before service), we've been going through the book of Esther together in between bites of donuts. Through digging into this story of a paganized teenager awakening to the Lord's mission in a pagan society, we've started to see how the book might apply to us and how it points us to Jesus. Ask a youth what we call the Persian king & why, or what most teaching on Esther gets wrong.

On Sunday evenings, in between getting to !mow each other better and playing games like "musical sleeps:* "Grog," and "sardines," we've been doing our first series called "Rest is..." about what scripture says about rest In the midst of a culture where time is money, worth is equal to busyness, and teens are more anxious than adults, we're looking at scripture to see what it might mean for us to sit at the feet of Jesus. We've also spent a day working on the youth room (check out the new chalk wall!) and did a service day hosted by the Botts, painting street planters. If you'd be interested in helping the youth group in any way (including bringing food on Sunday mornings or evenings), or if you would like me to email you my weekly newsletters, please let me know by emailing me at . Thanks!