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Youth and Children's Director Postion

by Mike Brandenstein on May 06, 2018

Job Description for the Position of
Director of Children and Youth Ministry
Grace and Peace Fellowship, St. Louis, Missouri

Grace and Peace Fellowship, an urban PCA church in the West End of St. Louis, seeks a full-time Director of Children and Youth Ministry. Current children and youth programs include a nursery, Sunday school for children and youth, a sermon alternative for children, and a youth group. The Director will oversee all children and youth ministry programs, including building and managing healthy systems that utilize and support volunteers. In addition, the Director will directly lead one or more ministry programs. To date, these ministries have been led by volunteers and part-time staff.

 Title: Director of Children and Youth Ministry


  • Ability to give witness to his/her faith and a commitment to the Reformed Christian perspective with a willingness to become a member of Grace and Peace Fellowship;
  • Genuine desire and calling toward working with children and youth, developing relationships with them, and nurturing their spiritual growth;
  • Knowledge of child development and current youth culture and meaningful experience working with children and youth in paid or volunteer capacities;
  • An ability to interact enthusiastically, graciously, responsibly, and effectively with people of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds and cultures;
  • Ability to listen well and demonstrate maturity and discernment in making decisions;
  • Teachable and prayerful, with a desire to grow in faith, skills, and knowledge;
  • Excellent leadership, administrative, and organizational skills with an ability to work well alone and as a team leader;
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills and an ability to utilize the technology relevant to this position (e.g., personal computer, email, and the internet); and
  • Experience managing and equipping volunteers or helping individuals identify and use their gifts.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in a related field is preferred, but it is not required.


Serves: The congregation of Grace and Peace Fellowship

Reports to: Senior Pastor

Duties and Responsibilities: The Director of Children and Youth Ministry oversees and supports all aspects of children and youth ministry. In carrying out this oversight and support, the Director:

  • Recruits, trains, schedules, and supports volunteers (within and outside of the congregation) to carry out children and youth ministry programs and initiatives;
  • Ensures the physical spaces, materials, and supplies used in children and youth ministry activities are maintained in a way that promotes safety;
  • Leads the process of reviewing and selecting curriculum and other teaching materials that communicates to children and youth, is rooted in the Gospel, is user-friendly for volunteers, and connects parents to the content their children are learning;
  • In alignment with gifts and experience, directly leads one or more programs (e.g., teaching in Sunday school, leading a youth group, leading the sermon alternative);
  • Develops and monitors compliance of policies and procedures intended to protect children (e.g., volunteer background checks, evacuation plans);
  • Develops and leads the Children and Youth Ministry Team, including convening regular meetings; presenting issues to the team for prayer, discussion, and action; and following up on meeting action items;
  • Periodically identifies and reviews children and youth ministry goals, reviews the number and capacity of volunteers and other available resources, evaluates program effectiveness, makes modifications as needed, and engages in the planning and discussion needed to identify and achieve goals;
  • Works with pastors and worship leaders to create avenues for children and youth to engage in Sunday morning corporate worship;
  • Regularly attends weekly staff meetings and other meetings as requested;
  • Equips parents to engage in discipling their children;
  • Is intentional about building relationships with families, including those who do not regularly attend children and youth ministry programs, and connects families to pastors for pastoral care;
  • Regularly communicates with other staff, parents, youth, and the congregation through the Tucket (church newsletter), Sunday morning announcements, and the church email distribution list; and
  • Initiates and helps coordinate outreach events (e.g., VBS) and special classes and trainings for children, youth, and their families (e.g., communicant and confirmation).

Evaluation: Annually (see Grace and Peace Employee Manual)

Employment Status: Full-time; salaried ($39,000 to $43,000 per year, depending on qualifications and experience); with any applicable benefits as described in the Grace and Peace Employee Manual

To Apply:

Please send a cover letter and resume to: 

Dana Malkus, Chair

Director of Children and Youth Ministry Search Committee

Grace and Peace Fellowship

Candidates will be considered on a rolling basis until the position is filled.