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What is the Greatest Tangible Shelter Need Right Now?

by Melody Perkins on October 06, 2018

People ask me this all the time, and usually, there are several, equally important needs so it is sometimes hard to say just one.

However, I can say that the greatest tangible need right now is for a Volunteer Coordinator. This person needs to be part of the fellowship, an adult Christian, and will need to be a friendly person who likes to connect others to service, likes person-to-person communication as well as working with apps and email, and is good at scheduling and managing schedules. S/he will be responsible for ensuring, by scheduling in advance two volunteers per open shelter night and arranging for any cancellations to be covered. The part-time, paid position can start as soon as possible, with volunteer shifts starting November 28, 2018, and ends after the shelter closes, which is March 20, 2019. This person will need to have excellent communication skills in English, both in writing and verbally. Training on November 18th and 5 team meetings are also part of the position.

A very neat praise about this is that three volunteers, one who formerly worked as an overnight volunteer two nights per week and two others who covered evenings and overnight every other Tuesday, are back! Since these are all three very reliable folks, it means that approximately 30% of the overnight need is covered already, barring complications!

If this position is not for you, please be praying that God will bring the exact right worker for this part of the harvest!

Please contact me at  to inquire, or send your resume to begin the application process.