What We Believe


What We Believe


Our Mission

Called by our Father to be his colorful family in the city, following Jesus and teaching others to follow him.

Our Vision

We will celebrate God’s boundless love for us as revealed in Jesus Christ, helping each person in becoming a joyful and obedient disciple. We will humbly yet boldly proclaim the Kingdom of God and the authority of his word to each other and our neighbors. This good news transcends race, culture, and every human distinction.

Our Core Values

The Beauty of God

God is our supreme delight.  Enjoying and displaying his magnificence is the reason we exist. We celebrate his beauty in our worship, art, care for creation, and every part of our lives.

The Word of God

God speaks to his people in the scriptures and especially through his Son, Jesus Christ. His word is true truth, and we rely on it for encouragement, instruction, comfort, and life. The Word is dynamic in turning persons estranged from God to himself.

The Kingdom of God

We proclaim that the everlasting Kingdom of God has come in the person of Jesus.  This rule of God turns human values upside down and calls us to repent and believe the good news. Our resurrected king is strong in his desire to set us free from sin and heal us.


We are being changed to the core by following Jesus.  By the power of the Holy Spirit we obey him with joy. Through our worship, service, teaching, and small groups we learn to be disciples and make disciples.


People are made for community. By exposing our common need for him, Jesus breaks down all the barriers that divide us. By his cross he reconciles us to God and to each other. In this costly unity we are learning to live honestly and without fear.

Mercy and Justice

As people who have been forgiven much, we extend forgiveness to each other.  As people who have been made rich through the poverty of Jesus, we sacrifice our rights, time, energy and resources for the poor, the stranger and the suffering.