Our Church History


Our Church History

 Our Church Family

1969- The Beginning
Grace & Peace meets for the first time, in 1969, at 6325 Washington Avenue, in Ted and Gladys Smith's living room.

1970 - Storefront

The Church moves to a storefront space at 6003 Kingsbury Boulevard, in the Skinker-DeBaliviere neighborhood, where most of its members live. Our Kingsbury Gallery in our current building takes its name from this storefront space. 

1970 - Murphy-Blair 
The church sends out its members to launch Murphy- Blair Community Church in the Old North St. Louis Neighborhood.

1976 - Cornerstone 
Grace & Peace members found Cornerstone, a low-income urban housing ministry. Nearly 40 years later, their mission continues: "For the glory of God, we rebuild and support the West End community one block—and one life—at a time."

1981 - Old Orchard and Arts Fest 
Grace & Peace plants its second church in Webster Groves, Old Orchard Presbyterian. That same year, the church begins a long-running annual gallery show called Arts Fest.

1984 - The Door 
Church members John Bjerklie and Lon Kauffman design and build a beautiful, one-of-a-kind door for the building on Kingsbury.

1985 - Moving East
Grace & Peace moves to its present location at 5574 Delmar Boulevard, last occupied by Bethesda Temple.

2012- Midtown 
Grace & Peace, in a partnership with Memorial Presbyterian, plants its third church, Midtown Church.

Our Church Building


1908 - Construction
Our church is built on the corner of Delmar and Clara. The lot was purchased for $10,000. Central Presbyterian Church has their first service on March 15, 1908.

1928 - Moving

Central Presbyterian Church moves to its present location on Hanley Road, taking with them an original Tiffany stained glass window that hung on the north side of the sanctuary.

1929- New Occupants
For a sum of $190,000, the church building is sold to the Jewish congregation B’Nai El.