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Stephanie Clear

Office Manager

    Stephanie came to know the Lord as an adult 25 years ago at Memorial Presbyterian Church. She has been a part of urban ministry since volunteering in the mid-1990s with the former Today’s Lost Children near the Benton Park neighborhood of South St. Louis, where she and her family live. Now a member of South City Church, Stephanie and her husband, Stacey, an architect, have one son, Daniel, a 7th-grader at Westminster Christian Academy. Stephanie worked locally for 15 years as a community journalist before having Daniel. Stacey and Stephanie also were members of Olive Branch, a PCA church plant in Benton Park, before helping to join Olive Branch with the planting team at South City 10 years ago. She has served in the women’s and children’s ministries at both churches and is currently excited to help grow South City’s Youth Ministry. Her job at Grace & Peace gives Stephanie the chance she enjoys to love the people of St. Louis in a tangible way. When not at work, Stephanie also likes to walk, hike with Stacey, cook and bake, and take short road trips. She also dreams of one day chasing a storm.